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Whether in written or audio formats, all of our work at is freely available at our main website. There is nothing which we sell here that we do not already offer freely. However there are times when actual books are much more useful than what may usually be found only on a computer screen.

Support our work at Christogenea, and help to spread our message at the same time with copies of our Books, and whatever else we may be able to offer here in the future.

NEW as of December 30th, 2021: You may now pay for book orders by donating here! Well, never mind... I removed the link until I can hopefully replace it. cancelled us five days after they opened our account! They have ignored all requests to provide an explanation. The intermediary agent,, lies about cancelling the "cancel culture". They are just another shill company.

Thank you,

William Finck


Price Increases

Our printer has raised prices over 20% since our last book order, and therefore we must raise prices accordingly. This is inevitable in the current economy, and we pray that Babylon falls soon!

Because I cannot guess with 100% accuracy, increases must be applied when new stock for a particular title is ordered, and not necessarily when the last book from the old stock is sold.

- William Finck

Please Do Not Ask for Paypal

Paypal is a Progressive-Leftist company which quietly enforces its own anti-Christian, Neo-Marxist and pro-Sodomite dictates on the Internet. We have had two Paypal accounts cancelled for no good reason, as early as the Spring of 2017, and one of those accounts was never even used to collect payments online. Looking into Paypal more closely after losing our second account in 2018, it became evident that Christians should not be doing any business with Paypal. Paypal's president and CEO is Dan Schulman, a Jew from Newark, NJ, and self-proclaimed champion of sodomites and other sinners.

Paypal has even coerced vendors employed by Christogenea with threats, forcing them to drop our business. See Paypal Pressures Vendors to Drop Christogenea

We have recently been dropped by Stripe, whom we used as a credit card processor for nearly four years. They cited a violation in their terms of service which we did not violate, and when we protested their support staff replied by saying "well we really do not need a reason to drop you anyway". Later in an email, they informed us that our business was "too risky", although we had only one purchaser complaint out of well over 1,000 completed orders, and we suspect that individual really only intended to cause us harm.

As a Christian, it is difficult to speak the truth on the Internet when the world does not want to hear the truth, and there are few alternatives with whom to do business other than the enemies of Christ.

Christogenea Commentary on the Prophecy of Malachi


The chapters in this book are from the podcast series on the Prophecy of Malachi presented in text and audio at Christogenea in January and February of 2017. This is the first edition in book form, June 2019.

Book contains 5 chapters, 1 Appendix. 96 pages.

Overseas shipping: We apologize that we are still adjusting First Class Mail shipping prices for single copies of this book, as we have had varying results at different post offices here near our home. Please be patient.

Price: $12.00
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